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Edward Kenway

So, you know how many people keep bashing Edward for being a drunk or just after booty?

I think people don’t do him justice. Sure, he is not a conventional Assassin like Altaiïr or Ezio or even Connor, but he is not so different.

While he may appear to be a greed, drinking and loudmouthed showoff, he fights for the freedom that the empires take away from the people. He wants a free world, a free country, and fights for that.

He doesn’t use the same methods as the other three and is a lot more…well, noticeable than them but their goals are, by and large, the same.

I think he is a great asset to the “Assassin Team” and should get more respect then being called a drunk. 

And this concludes my angry ramblings for today…I hope.

Please reblog if you think it is acceptable for a teenage FEMALE to play Assassins Creed.


My mom thinks that it’s not okay and says things like “it will repel other girls” and “why would you want to present yourself that way?”

I want to prove that that’s not the case.

So please REBLOG if you think it’s acceptable
Also LIKE if you are a female who wouldn’t be ‘repelled’ by another girl who likes it.

Utter bull…why would she think that?

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