My “learning German” progress report:

Du bist der Grund, warum wir keine schönen Dinge haben.

Learning to be a sarcastic ass is my top priority for any language, tbh.

German (language) - synonym for: sarcasm
German (person) - synonym for: deadpan snarker, snarky ass, sarcastic ass
Germany - synonym for: home of sarcasm/home of snark

The Greek invented it, the German formed it.

I love my country. Alle sind so nett und freundlich hier.

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I’ve only ever read the first chapters of the Free! Light Novels (from before Rin left) but I can totally see KyoAni reading something like “smiled like a shark” and running with it which resulted in this:


Oh, but whatever, Rin can totally wear it.

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Yes okay but post-series Kurogane trying to go through airport security for some reason with his arm.

Fai making a joke about the metal detector reacting to his “iron will” because he’s a little shit.

Syaoran questioning all of his life choices.

Whatever embarrasing shit we come up with could just as well happen in canon because we are fucking talking about FAI here!

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if u ask me to go to the park and just swing on swings with u there is 98% chance i will say yes and swing for 5 hours do not test me

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Title: Taking Care

Fandom: K Project

External Links: ff.net / AO3

Summary: It wasn’t something Fushimi had ever really thought about, taking care of someone.

Notes: One more for Sarumi Fest! This either turned out angstier or fluffier than intended and I’m honestly not sure which.

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WHY IS YOUR WRITING SO PERFECT?! ARGH!!! Today is a good day.

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Microsoft Word

Me: *finds old story* Oh, I haven’t worked on this in ages. When did I start again?

Word: 1/1/1601

Me: …

Me: Now this can’t be right.

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Me: *spends hours creating character profiles* Alright. Let’s write!

Five Seconds Later

Me: Where was I going with this again?

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